How much does a website cost?


If only it was easy to ‘email over a pricelist’ (as I’m often asked to do). To get to the magic number we need to listen to your brief and then write a proposal that answers these questions — and comes up with more than a few handy suggestions of our own.

  • The Startup
    Unsure if you want a holding page, a ‘one-page website’ or just something that’s an elegant, great start for your new business? We can do all of these. In fact one usually leads to another. When putting a price to these, matching a budget is the easiest approach. The main thing is that with the ‘money stuff’ out of the way, we can briskly deliver an exciting, visually grabbing design to order — perhaps with your launch branding in the mix too.
  • The Reboot
    Sometimes this is the neat follow-on from a Startup project — just six months or a year down the line. In other instances, a client has come to us with a home-made template-type site that they’ve outgrown and are ready for something smart with new photography, better branding and a larger pagination. That last part — how users move from page to page — is key. Invariably the services of a business need presenting in a way that sets your offering out clearly but also matches the way that people scroll through a website to find what they want.
  • The Executive Suite
    We usually find that when a business is at a certain size, that comes with a bold ambition for their website — and we’re happy to help with that. While budget is always a consideration at this level of project, we find quality, originality and a tailored approach are the fundamental client concern. For instance, we’re currently completing a piece of work for a financial services business that has a totally customised, secure login area with data charts, bespoke reporting and downloads customised for each investor. All the data streams through from CSV spreadsheet files the clients upload. And it looks gorgeous. You don’t get that off the shelf.
  • The Shopping Cart
    Whether it’s a small range of products as a sideline or the main purpose of your business, we often have clients keen to either dip their toe in the waters of online selling or dive right in. The way we work in this area has been transformed by payment platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce combined with Stripe or Apple Pay. Commerce projects were always such a mountain to climb even a few years ago — today with the right product and photography, they’re a breeze. It means that we can focus on far more interesting parts of the project — helping create fantastic imagery and working with a brilliant copywriter.
  • The Big League
    In recent times we’ve worked for large corporations in a series of ways — by creating customised parts of a site for a sub-brand, reworking key pages so they are more effective — or the undertaking of a top-down refresh. These ‘megaprojects’ sound daunting but overcomplicating them means they get stuck in the mud. Don’t do that. The irony is that overthinking the volume of design work involved means a messier, less-coherent site. Why not come and talk to us about which might suit you? We instinctively understand working within corporate guidelines but also appreciate that a fresh pair of eyes is essential to every corporate.


Can I flip it around: why not tell us what you want to do — and spend?


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Richard Chapman

Richard Chapman

Founder of a home-made branding and web design studio in west London.